Meter Field Services

Scope Services has provided top quality field services to the utility industry for decades. Our expertise covers electric, gas and water industries with customers ranging from large investor-owned utilities to small co-ops and municipalities. We have performed over 50 million meter reads, over 10 million meter exchanges and hundreds of thousand field service orders.

All of our field service offerings start with the foundation of understanding the customer's needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, dedication to quality and a focus on safety are paramount in everything we do.

Project Success Factors

To meet the unique challenges of providing exceptionally high quality service while focusing on safety we developed a system of project success that focuses on the following key components:

  • Project leadership
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Proven field & safety management
  • Production management
  • Management of special conditions
  • Effective tracking, reporting and communication
  • Quality process application


Scope is highly committed to safety in the workplace, and incorporates detailed safety procedures into our training courses and standard work processes. Scope strictly adheres to all OSHA rules and regulations, and focuses on encouraging the prevention of injury and/or illness. Employees are trained on safety as it applies to meter reading techniques, proper use & maintenance of safety equipment, environmental hazards, and accident & injury response procedures.

Quality Audit & Tracking Programs

Scope Services utilizes audit programs to ensure high quality services are delivered. Individual programs are tailored for each customer based on the corporate drivers with the focus on early identification and elimination of potential issues.

Audit activities are targeted to ensure the following:

  • Quality of service
  • Production management
  • Technology and equipment performance
  • Procedure compliance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety
P Meterread

Scope Services offers the following
field services:

Meter Reading
  • Manual
  • Probe
  • Automated

Field Service Orders
  • Off cycle reads
  • Connects & Disconnects
  • Investigations
  • Non Payment Disconnects

Supplemental Services
  • Collections
  • Billing Support
  • GPS Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Quality Assurance