Call Center

Scope Services’ call center is a combination of the best people and best technology. From our state of the art telephony and data systems to our dedicated team, we create a platform to address your call center needs. Our call center is 100% in house and located in our Corporate Office in St. Joseph, Michigan.  All call center representatives are full time employees and go thru an extensive background check before being allowed access to personal identifiable data. Our call center does not take calls for other companies and has bilingual capabilities for non-English speaking customers.  

Scope Services Call Center is currently staffed Monday through Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time. Saturday hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm. Other capabilities include bulk robo calling, text messaging and emailing.  Scope Services’ call center has lead agents on duty to assist any customers that request to speak with a supervisor. If they are not able to assist the customer, the call is then escalated to the Call Center Manager. 

Scope Services is capable of both warm and cold transfers as needed through our phone system. Representatives would do a warm transfer whenever possible to the Customer’s representative for questions regarding billing, why the upgrade is being done, or a customer wanting to refuse the work being completed. We expect to transfer less than 1% of calls to the utility.

Scope Services call center uses call scripts approved by the customer. All calls are recorded and available for the customer for on demand auditing via the web portal. Additionally, all agents are coached at least once a month regarding call quality. This coaching session is held with the call center manager listening to calls and discussing anything that could have been handled differently. 

Call center metrics are shared with the customer on a weekly basis. It can also be provided on demand as needed. Scope Services has the capability to collect and report the following statistical call data on an ad-hoc, interval, daily, month-to-date, month-end, YTD, and cumulative basis including the following:

  • Total calls
  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA)
  • Wait time
  • Total and average call handle time
  • Total and average talk time
  • Total and average after call work time
  • Total and average hold time
  • Total and average unavailable time (paid non-break time)
  • Calls per representative
  • Calls per thirty (30) minute interval
  • Calls per day
  • Calls per month
  • Abandoned/lost calls
  • Total number and percent of calls blocked or busy calls
  • Telephone Service Level (TSL) daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Calls transferred 
  • Short calls (<10 seconds)