Data Collection

Scope Services’ strategy for data management will include data collection, retention, and managing of Client data request. 

Specifically data management will include the following: 

  • Scope Services will provide all electronic collection devices and software necessary to properly document the meter exchange services. - Devices include Scope Services provided computers, handheld systems, hand tools, and other equipment to complete this work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Handheld Device Requirements. Each handheld device will include or provide the following functions:
  1. Bar-code Scanners – All bar-coded meters (old and new) will be scanned to minimize data collection errors.
  2. Date and Time Stamp of Each Exchange – Each exchange record will be time stamped with the date and time that the service was started and completed
  3. Detailed Electronic Comments Capabilities – Will be capable of allowing detailed comments to be reported with each meter exchange record
  4. Inventory Control – Perform inventory control functions to identify where each new meter is located and to prevent the same meter from being listed at multiple locations.
  5. Provision Data – Have the ability to provide data for all meter forms and types.
  6. Redundant Data Storage – A redundant data storage method to ensure that the loss of data is minimized should a handheld device fail to operate or is damaged. If installation data is lost, the data will be re-acquired by any means possible within 24 hours of the installation.
  7. User Tracking – Track each user with a unique sign-on.
  8. Digital Images – capture relevant digital images.
  9. GPS data gathering at the meter.Optional Infra-red capability for meter socket photos will be investigated
  10. Optional Infra-red capability for meter socket photos will be investigated.