Scope Services will monitor the field operations effort and will perform regularly scheduled quality audits. We have developed an audit program to ensure quality meter exchanges and accurate data capture.  This program was created to improve integrity as well as to analyze and provide resolution for the client.  Our audit programs are tailored for our customers; ensuring we have an accurate and current program related to the client we are serving. 
Scope Services will perform initial audits on all new employ ees and will perform random audits throughout each month on experienced employees. Additional audits will be conducted when there is a concern of possible quality issues.  

Audits will be performed by Field Supervisors.
  • Audits will be performed regularly on Meter Technicians to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded 
  • Work order data is reviewed daily
  • Exception data is used to drive targeted audits and is an early warning for action.
  • Audit findings and data capture issues that identify errors will result in larger samples to be investigated.  
  • Continual improvement measures are required with additional training.    Employees that don’t improve to meet the quality performance standards will be removed from the project.

Scope Services shall attempt to inspect a minimum of eighty five percent (85%) of the first 500 work orders completed by new hires (the ‘Initial Period”).  After the Initial Period, three percent (3%) of each installer’s Monthly totals will be randomly audited.  If the installer’s installation errors as defined below are found to be in excess of one percent (1%) in any given month, the installer shall be removed from the field, and retrained.  All work performed by that installer during the two (2) days prior to the installer being removed from the field shall be audited.  If the audit results for those two days show an installation error of two percent (2%) Client Project Manager if an installer requires retraining due to installation errors found during the Scope Services quality program.  Additionally, Scope Services will resolve all installation errors as they identified by the quality auditor.

Installers who are retrained and returned to the field shall have one hundred percent (100%) of their work audited for ten (10) consecutive working days.  Any error in that ten (10) day period will result in the installer being permanently removed from the Project.

Examples of the audit activity targets include, but not limited to the following areas:
  • Accurate data collection 
  • Condition of the meter (abnormal conditions)
  • Meter Tampering
  • Installation process
  • Exception basis
  • Customer Interaction and professionalism
  • Specific customer complaints

Specific QA/QC points associated with customer contact are conducted by our auditors and our supervisors. Audits are conducted in parallel with the technician performing their work and post installation.  Audits done in parallel allow the auditor to observe the technician going through the daily work practice.