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We are a premier utility and large commercial contractor with the following areas of expertise: 

Our team of certified professionals serves commercial and energy-related industries.

Expertise You Can Trust

Since its inception in 1965, Scope Services has built a reputation for being a premier provider of high quality solutions targeted to utility and large commercial markets with a dedication to safety, quality and integrity that benefits our clients and partners, our employees and the community.

We pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Many of our current contracts are with clients that we have done business with for more than 40 years.

Providing superior services to utility/power providers, government, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients.

How it all began

Meet our founder, Lydia Demski

Lydia founded Scope Services Inc. in 1965 to meet the needs of the utility industry. A single mother at the time, Lydia began the company with very few resources, but quickly built the business on strong ethics and high-quality work. Scope Services became one of the market's leading providers of human resourcing and energy solutions. 

Lydia's core values of safety and respect continue to drive the company culture today. "Scope Services has never lost a life. We have never had a strike. We are a family. You can't help but succeed when you look out for each other." - Lydia Demski, 2021 

A true entrepreneur, Lydia also founded and owns three other companies:


Our Core Values


Decades of success in the energy industry were made possible in part by our commitment to safety. Safe procedures in the field, comprehensive training, and maintaining high-standards for every project protects the interests of our team, clients, partners, and the wider community.


We recruit and equip knowledgeable, hard-working professionals to provide expert and reliable service every day. It is our commitment to all our clients that the right people will be in place to do the job correctly.


Our employees have decades of experience and bring expertise and efficiency to your energy needs. We understand how important organization is to delivering both large and small scale projects on time, on budget and on scope.


We see our customers as partners and vice versa. The type of work we do requires our teams to be fully informed, engaged, and invested in each other’s success.


Integrity has always been a driving force in our business; whether in relationship with applicants, team members, partnerships with our customers, or how our services impact the global community as a whole. Ethical energy solutions mean doing what is best for the current and future generations.

Meet the Team


Bill O'Connor

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Trish Melcher

Vice President of
Human Resources
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Joe O’Connor

Executive Vice President
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Jeff Piraino

Call Center Manager
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Richard Frankhauser

Chief Financial Officer

A Wide Scope of Experience

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